About SoBadAsh


I am Ashley.  I literally have no idea what I am doing or how I ended up creating clothing for your family, who probably have infinitely better style than I could ever dream of. But regardless, I am thrilled to be able to use SoBadAsh as a platform to spread only the best vibes. 

Every design is created by myself and produced by me, myself, & I. (I do convince (bribe) my friends often to help. They are amazing people who care about my sanity.)

Although the designs you find on SoBadAsh may have you laughing out loud, there is a bigger message that is dying to be spread. Let's teach our children to think for themselves. Break away from living the "way you should" and create the life you desire. Always keeping an open mind. AND ALWAYS STANDING UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.

I support the finer things in life. And you will see trends in the messages of SoBadAsh. Examples of things I am a fan of, equality, promoting self worth, killing gender roles, proper grammar, logical thinking skills, tacos, dogs, family, supporting the community, adventure...etc.

Keep in mind that when you purchase a SoBadAsh tee you are helping spread a very important message. Just because something is 'weird' or outside the norm, does not mean it is not acceptable. SoBadAsh believes that is what makes it awesome. Because DIFFERENT IS DOPE.